How to Prepare for Your Spring Parties

How to Prepare for Your Spring Parties

Spring is here, and what better way is there to celebrate the end of winter than with a good old-fashioned spring party? Spring is a time for weddings, engagements, graduations, birthdays, family reunions, and so much more. The weather is warm and beautiful, but not scorching hot just yet. The sun shines longer and gives you more daylight to work with. And nights are cool and comfortable, giving you the ability to celebrate for even longer before the sun goes down.

Believe it or not, these preparations can also greatly help those who live in an HOA-controlled neighborhood as well! HOAs often require you to keep your lawn and property looking neat, tidy, and well-watered. Preparing your property for a spring party can not only make your home look beautiful for your company, but help you stay up to speed with your HOA demands as well, even making your home the pride of the neighborhood! Here are a few things you can do to make your property ready for hosting your spring party and keep the HOA happy at the same time!

Don’t Stop With the Sun—Light Up Your Backyard!

Why should you have to stop the party just because the sun stops shining? People love to enjoy the night, and the best way to do that is with beautiful, decorative lights that are designed for outdoor use. There are tons of different decorative outdoor light fixtures designed to match the look and design you want for your backyard. Whether it’s installing string lights beneath your patio cover to make it bright and inviting around the clock, lighting up your garden with some beautiful, accentuating landscape lights, or even providing a lit, safe walkway to get around your backyard, having a qualified electrician install these lights can ensure they’re safe to use at any time, and in any weather condition. Likewise, if you only want to plug something in temporarily, install a high-quality, outdoor-rated electrical outlet that’s safe and convenient to use.

Stay Secure with Motion Lighting

Motion lighting is a great way to keep your property secure, even in the darkest hours of the night. These lights have a sensor which detects motion, and then turn on, flooding the area with light to prevent potential intruders from having an area of darkness they can use for cover. They also make great additions to parties keeping your guests safe. When someone needs to walk through a particular area, a motion light will turn on and flood the area, giving them a safe, illuminated path that will then turn itself off when they’re done.

Improve Your Irrigation

Is your yard becoming somewhat of an eyesore? Is your lawn not coming back to life? This may be the case if it simply isn’t getting enough water. If you have brown spots or an area that seems dead, there’s a good chance it needs some increased watering. What better way to do this than by installing a new water spigot or outdoor hose bib in a convenient place for your home! If you have a spot where your hose can’t normally reach, then installing a new connection enables you to be able to reach the spot without issue, keeping your yard looking beautiful and well-kept.

This is perhaps the greatest benefit for HOA homes as well. Many HOAs require you to keep your lawn a vibrant shade of green, particularly throughout the spring and summer seasons when many types of southern grass come back to life after remaining dormant all winter long. A good watering can actually help your lawn come back to the vibrant and beautiful shade of green you expect and that your HOA wants to see on your property, making this upgrade a real win-win investment.

Get Consistent Water with a New Well Pump

If you aren’t connected to a public water utility, you more than likely draw your water from a well, and this drawing is done by an electric pump. Pumps wear out over time, and if you’ve noticed that your water pressure has become inconsistent or intermittent, then there’s a good chance that your pump is probably the issue. Replacing your pump is a great service to prepare for hosting parties—it keeps your water flowing smoothly and efficiently so that your plumbing will all function as intended when your guests arrive. And that’s important—the last thing you want is a plumbing problem in your bathroom or kitchen in the middle of your party.

New Gas Grill? Keep it Fueled with a Gas Line!

Built-in barbecues and backyard kitchens are becoming incredibly popular—they look beautiful, and they work great. However, nobody wants to have to constantly deal with running out of propane or having to exchange your tank. This is where a dedicated gas line might be exactly what you’re looking for. This gives you the ability to run your grill as long as you need to so you can keep the perfectly-cooked barbecue coming as long as the party is going.

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